Austin MURAL tour!


How amazing is it to call one of your favorite people and randomly plan a road trip to Austin? That's exactly what happened to me! Austin is a city full of great night life, weird stuff, great food and of course ART. This road trip was unlike any other. We literally hunted the city for murals, and we found some of the best ones there are. Below, I have outlined some of the murals we found that everyone must visit to take a great Instagram shot.


My Favorite:

This was for sure my favorite mural!! Not only is it colorful and creative, it is definitely not too common. I wanted to find several murals that were not your typical "find on Pinterest" murals. This was made by This mural is located on 5213 Avenue H. Austin, TX in North Loop area. 



With Bae Mural: 

How cute is this? All I needed was "bae" to be around. I have seen this mural all over instagram and Pinterest. Even though this is a great mural for couples, you can take single, cute, alone, pictures. This mural is located on 2000 E. MLK Blvd. Parking is extremely easy, you can park in the parking lot next to the mural. 



My love for Texas

I love this mural simply because it screams TEXAS!!! I am a Texan girl at heart, and when I saw this I knew that it was must to add to my collection. Every detail and the colors scream Texas. This mural is located on  3706 Guadalupe St. (located next to Starbucks). (Fun/tragic fact: While I was taking pictures at this mural, a car accident happened at the intersecting streets. YIKES!)


Prince Charming? Where? I see him!!

How cute is this mural? I love the simplicity of it. This mural was a challenge for us because there was no parking. We looked for parking forever, but we were determined that we were going to take a picture. We finally found parking closer to the University of Texas campus. This mural is located at: Northwest corner of 21st & Guadalupe. Even though parking is not so good around, this mural is totally worth it. 


Say NO to pork!!

I have recently cut pork off of my diet. Simply because I watched a video that scarred me for life JK! That's not the complete reason, there's more to that story. When I saw this I found it very appropriate as it related to my "new" eating habit. This mural is located at: 2906 Fruth St.    TIP: Behind this mural there is a Vintage store that is a must visit. 



HELLO, it's me.

How cute is this? This is actually not the whole mural, the second part is the tail of an airplane. Even though I have see this mural photographed several times, I knew it was a must. This mural is located: 1102 W Koenig Ln, Austin, TX.



Even though this is not an actual "mural," I think this is a "must do." ATX, stands for Austin, TX (incase you didn't know). I definitely recommend visiting this in the morning due to there being a crowd during the day. This mural is located on the corner of Fifth and Lamar St. in front of the Home Goods.





If you are looking for walls and walls and walls of graffiti, look no more, visit the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. This gallery is also located in Austin and it is AMAZING!! If you get luck you can also find an artist drawing his next art piece. This is located at: 1101 Baylor Street, Austin TX


Austin is an amazing city, full of life, creativity and art!! Austin does not only offer great murals, but also great food, shops and nightlife. Did you know that Austin is the live music capital of the world? They have a great selection of food truck aaannnndddd TACOS!!! If you all have any suggestions, please let me know!!