San Antonio Travel Diary

                                                                                                                          Valencia Riverwalk

                                                                                                                          Valencia Riverwalk

The best way to get away quickly is a quick road trip. Agree? I am lucky to live in Houston because there are many places I can visit that are within a short drive. This past weekend Live Life in Style decided to take a girls weekend to San Antonio, TX. 





I was lucky enough to call the Valencia Riverwalk hotel home for three days. As soon as you enter the hotel you are welcomed with an amazing smell. This was definitely the best smelling hotel I have ever stayed in. Everyone was extremely kind and very accommodating to our needs. Our room was spacious and shared the same scent as the lobby. We were welcomed with a bottle of wine and soothing music. The Valencia Riverwalk Hotel was comfortable and most of all, it was convenient. The hotel has convenient access to restaurants, nightlife and of course the Riverwalk. We lounged around all day in our hotel robes, and the next morning we woke up to enjoy our complimentary breakfast. That's right! Your hotel stay has a complimentary breakfast included. I honestly didn't now hotels offered that amenity anymore. We couldn't have had a better stay than at hotel Valencia Riverwalk. 



1. Dorregos- This restaurant is located inside the Valencia Riverwalk. This is a great spot for dinner and the food is amazing.  I ordered the Smoked Short Rib Ravioli and this dish was amazing. Not only was the food amazing but the presentation was even better. Even though I usually don't order desert I made an exception. I ordered the Burnt Apple Empanadas and well they did not disappoint. I am an ice cream lover and this desert has by far one of the best scoops I have tried. The staff was incredibly attentive and friendly. 


2. Houston St. Bistro - This was my favorite place to eat during our trip. We were starving and didn't know where to eat, so we walked around until we found this bistro. When we walked in we were told they are a reservation only restaurant since they only open when there is a play across the street (there was a theatre across the street). We were so disappointed because  the place looked so cute and there poster decorating the walls. As we were walking out, the hostess called us and told us it was okay and they would serve us. I ordered the Shrimp Ravioli and it was amazing (Yes, I love ravioli). The restaurant definitely had a theme and it was decorated with posters displaying plays and the menu items were named after plays. 


3. Sip Brew Bar & Eatery - Sunday morning we wanted to try something different besides the complimentary breakfast at the Valencia Riverwalk. Next door was this cute restaurant and I was immediately drawn to it because outside there was a picture of avocado toast (insert my happy dance here). I obviously ordered the avocado toast and it was different than any other toast. The bacon on the toast was a perfect crisp. 





I recommend doing some research on the Visit San Antonio website. They have tons of recommendations of place around the city. They have tons of trip ideas and they even let you book through their website. We got to visit multiple attraction such as: The Ripley's believe it or not attractions, The Alamo, The Riverwalk boat ride, Tower of the Americas and the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. There is so much to do in San Antonio from theme parks to cultural attractions, you will never run out of things to do. 


Shirt: Gianni Binni (No longer available)

Pants: Jessica Simpson

Shoes: Converse