The City of ANGELS! #LosAngeles

California is such a great state! There is soooo much to do, city life, mountains, beaches, lakes and anything you have in mind. During this quick weekend getaway we wanted to make sure we covered most of it. We did so many fun things, but most importantly we got to visit the, "extremely hard to get in to, you got lucky, how did you get in," Museum of Ice Cream. 

We knew we were going to be moving around a lot so we decided to rent a car. I have truly never had such great customer service when it comes to renting a car. Hertz was amazing! When I arrived I realized I was missing another form of ID, our customer service representative was extremely helpful. She made sure that we walked out of there with our keys in hand and ready to drive. Hertz was the best, and no this is not an ad (just sharing my personal experience). 



We made reservations for the OUE Skyspace, which is a glass slide on the side of a Los Angeles skyscraper a couple of thousand feet above the ground (yes, I said glass slide and couple of thousand feet) . This is a must do! Even though the slide is short, the views are great! We got to see views of the whole city, and of course take great pictures. 



The Museum of Ice Cream was amazing!! It's picturesque, colorful and PINK!! I know this place is pretty hard to get into, which is why we did our research. Tickets are usually sold out months in advance so you must make sure you are tracking them every week.

Tip 1: Monitor the website for weekly updates. You can also find more information like their contact and FAQ section.

Tip 2: Subscribe for the newsletter so you can receive updates of when there is available tickets.

Tip 3: Once you know the tickets are going to be sold make sure to have a strong internet connection and several devices. We had two laptops and two cellphones attempting to purchase tickets.. There are multiple people attempting to purchase tickets so you are placed on "Queue", which means that if you have more than one device you should be able to get through quicker. 

Tip 4: You purchase tickets by date and time. Make sure to have 3-4 options in case your date and time are sold out. We had to go with our second choice because our first was no longer available. You only have a couple of minutes to make your choice, if not the website will kick you out, which means you have to wait in queue again. 



Yes, these pictures are real and not photoshopped. I made to the top of the Hollywood sign!! I went through blood, sweat and tears, but it happened. My friend and I did get a little lost on our way up, but there were so many people around we were able to ask for help. The view was breathtaking which made the hike worth it. One tip, take water and pace yourself during the hike. Don't rush, the view isn't going anywhere!! 



Venice is such a nice area! We were not in Venice for long, but we did realize it was an area worth visiting. When we arrived we visited the Venice Canals. This area is not crowded, and the houses on the canals are beautiful. We opted for street parking because everything was within walking distance. After, we walked to all the restaurants and surf side shops along the beach. We stayed to have lunch and take pictures.

We stopped at  Eggslut  to grab breakfast, and I must say, it was amazing!!!!

We stopped at Eggslut to grab breakfast, and I must say, it was amazing!!!!


I also recommend visiting Beetle Houston, which is a bar/restaurant in West Hollywood themed after The Beetle Juice movie. We did not have enough time to enjoy dinner at the restaurant, but we did visit the bar at night for a couple of drinks. There are several characters walking around inside the bar such as, Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Cat Woman and Beetlejuice. I was not able to take many pictures, but I can assure the bar will make you feel like your in a Halloween parallel universe. 

Yes, this is "selfie" with Willy Wonka (inset super excited dancing up and down emoji here). 

Yes, this is "selfie" with Willy Wonka (inset super excited dancing up and down emoji here). 

This trip was one of my favorite adventures yet! I know I will be returning specially because I want to jump in the beach. This year, unfortunately, we were not able to go in the beach due to the weather. I am looking forward to more adventures in California!