Winter Wonderland #Denver


As many may have noticed I am not the biggest fan of the cold weather. I love being at the beach and getting a tan with a nice cold drink in my hand. However, this winter did not feel like winter in Houston (it never does). We decided we wanted to experience something different and go see the snow. Unfortunately, we did not get to go skiing or snowboarding because our trip was gong to be just for the weekend. However, we planned to see many beautiful places around the state.

We took a 10 am flight with Spirit Airlines on a Friday morning. As soon as we arrived we took off to Payless Car rental and hit the road for The Rocky Mountains. We had an amazing view, and I couldn't believe the weather. It was freezing (well to me it felt like freezing). Even though I wore around 3 layers of clothing I feel that this was the perfect day to start of our vacation.




The Sheraton Denver Downtown- Why is it perfect? Well, because you are right in the center of restaurants, nightlife and of course shopping. Across the street, 16th street mall was located. We also go very lucky because we stayed in the 11th floor which meant we had a great view of the city.



Munch Munch!!

I believe food is always one of the most important things of any trip. Why? You need energy through out your vacation in order to be able to enjoy all of your activities. 



Voo Doo Donuts- I absolutely love donuts!! It is one of my favorite things to eat on a Monday morning. We visited Voo Doo Donuts in Downtown Denver. As soon as you enter the donut shop you look around everywhere. There are chandeliers, art, pink wall and most importantly crazy donuts. I had to try the Rice Crispy Chocolate donut, and let me tell you I was not disappointed.



Little Man Ice Cream- I am that silly person that like to have an ice cream ANY time of the year (emphasis on the ANY). Honestly, I love ice cream!! There are three foods I can't live without: pizza, sushi and ice cream. This place is amazing, and I did not mind that it was snowing outside while I enjoyed my ice cream. 



The Airplane Restaurant- This place is not just called the airplane restaurant, it's actually an airplane. You get to eat inside an airplane! There is "normal" seating inside the restaurant, but if you request it you are able to eat inside the airplane. This is a cool experience and the food is pretty good. I was expecting a small menu but no, the menu is a nice size. 





To Do: 



You will most definitely not have a hard time finding things to do in Colorado. As soon as we arrived we drove to the Rocky Mountains and started our little adventure. This was my favorite view of this entire trip, even though it was also the scariest.  The drive through the mountains was beautiful but one of the scariest drives. I was able to do some souvenir shopping on our way to the mountains because there are several small shops on your way to the Rocky Mountains. When we arrived to the visitor center, it started snowing and the wind was blowing extremely hard. I was freezing!! Due to the wind and snow blowing everywhere we were not able to stay our for long. This is a view everyone should experience if they visit Colorado. 



Seven Falls- The view at Seven Falls is majestic! However, during my visit the waterfalls were frozen. I love waterfalls and I naturally try to see a waterfall everywhere I go. This time I was even more excited because I could not believe how frozen and beautiful the waterfalls were. 



Royal Gorge Bridge & Park-  Visiting Royal Gorge Bridge was definitely and adrenaline. The view is great and they have several activities you can enjoy. When we arrived we knew we wanted to ride the Gondolas across the park. Being thousands of feet up in the air was an adrenaline. I am not a fan of heights, so this activity was push for me. Even though the park is not located in Denver (It's located in Cannon City), it is worth the drive.