Costa Rica -Weekend Uno

From the moment I stepped off the airplane I knew I was in for an adventure. People rushed towards me to offer taxi rides and tours. I finally found my tour guide and she was able to take me to my "home" for the next three weeks.

The next day I woke up early because I knew that I wanted to start my adventure. We traveled to Volcano Poas. I was very excited because seeing a volcano has always been on my bucket list. I hiked to get to the Volcano, and let me tell you that it was a struggle (I need to hit the gym more often). Once I got to the top and saw the crater I couldn't believe the view. It was unbelievable! After, I hiked a little further and went to the Botos Lake, which fills an extinct crater.

After, we stopped to try several fruits and cheeses grown around the volcano. The strawberries were amazing! We also stopped at a Hummingbird garden which was beautiful. Being surrounded by hummingbirds and beautiful hydrangeas mesmerizbing. My first day in Costa Rica was truly beautiful one, and this made me realize that I have an adventure in store for me. However, I lost my phone a couple of days after. I was disappointed because I lost several pictures (Some of the ones I wanted to post).

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