Costa Rica - Weekend Tres

Do I need to explain based off these pictures? I fell in love with La Fortuna Waterfall. I can't explain what it felt like to watch the water pour to your feet. Even though the water was cold I had to get in. It took me tons of stairs to get to this waterfall but it was well worth it. 

We stayed at Los Lagos which was a great decision. The resort had a pool and a bar in the hot springs area (I was obviously there all night). One of the most enjoyable parts of my morning was waking up, opening my window, and seeing the Arenal Volcano. I woke up early in the morning to visit some of the exhibits the hotel offered. There was a small lake of crocodiles, house of ants, frogs and a butterfly garden. 

I also checked something big off my bucket list, but unfortunately I have no pictures to show it. :( I went zip lining!! It was such a great experience. I am terrified of heights so I knew that I had to go zip lining. Once I saw the line that I was going to be on, I was ready to jump off and cross to the other mountain. This was an unforgettable weekend!

Evelyn CasasComment