Dallas Exploring #DayOne

2015-10-17 15.04.56.jpg

A short getaway never hurt anyone! My friends and I decided to take a short drive to Dallas and explore what the city has to offer.  Even though our trip was short (two days) I feel like we accomplished a lot. Near Dallas, there is a small city called Terrell, where there is a "haunted house."  I am a huge fan of anything "scary!" Halloween is my favorite time of year, and I had heard of a haunted house in Terrell, TX. The scary attraction is named Thrillvania, and let me tell you, it was the best Halloween attraction I have ever visited. 

Terrell is 45 minuets away from Downtown Dallas. We decided to stay and explore in Dallas. Our first day, we explored downtown. We walked around the streets like typical tourists and took tons of pictures. We wanted to get the best view of the city, so we decided to visit Reunion Tower.  The view was amazing! You could stay inside the tower or stand outside to see the Dallas Skyscraper. 

Overall, the first day was long, and by the end of the day we wanted to go to our hotel and rest. We walked so much during the day and ran at Thrillvania during the night. Our first day was such a success, I knew that the second and final day was going to be even better. 

Pictures by: Erick Rivera