What do I really think about Spirit Airlines?


Getting the most out of your money is the one of the most important concerns during travel. There are many low budget airlines such as Spirit and Frontier Airlines, but I always get asked the same question, “are they worth it?” My answer is always answered with another question. What is your budget? How long will you be staying? How long and where is your flight to? How much extra time do you have? Are there any layovers and are you really saving any extra money? These are all questions I take into consideration while flying Spirit and Frontier.

I do not usually fly with Frontier just because they have longer layovers (flights out of Houston) or they don’t have the times I need out of my city (Houston). However, I do fly with Spirit, and I’ve never really had an issue with them. I’ve heard horror stories, and I must say I am lucky I have not experienced their “bad side".

I have had two experiences with where my flight is delayed. One time it was delayed to Chicago for two hours and another time it was delayed returning from Minneapolis. However, every airline has delayed flights so I completely understand these things happen.

What is your budget?

This is probably the most important question of all. Why? Well, because you usually want to save the most you can on flying (at least I do, I'd rather spend on accommodations). I have flown with Spirit form Houston to Orlando round trip for $50. Yes, $50!!!! I know, how much cheaper can the ticket be? To me personally this was perfect. However, Spirit is a LOW BUDGET AIRLINE which means, NOTHING is included!! The only thing that was included in my $50 round trip ticket, was my round trip airfare and my seat. You are also allowed one “personal item” such as a backpack on board. If you want to check in a bag or bring a carry there is an extra fee (I’ll explain later). Also no free peanuts and water, if you want peanuts or water, you must pay for it.

How long will you be staying and what are the bag fees?

When I flew to Orlando, I was only going for 3 days which meant that I didn’t need a huge suitcase. I just needed shorts and tank tops which usually fit in a small duffle bag. The prices for bags are different depending when and where you book your flight. If you book directly off of the Spirit website you are able to buy your bags after booking your flight. If you book your flight then return to purchase to the Spirit website to purchase your bags they will be a little more expensive. Baggage fees can vary check out Spirit.com to check out their fees. I will warn you, I made the mistake to not look up the bag fees and not purchase my bag ticket that I ended up paying $100 at the airport for one checked bag one way. I was livid, but I did make the mistake to not do my research.

Is there a layover?

If your ticket is $100 with Spirit and need to check in a bag ($45 OW so $90 RT) that means your ticket is a $190. For example, if you have a layover of 2 hours and your ticket is $190 (with baggage fees) and then you see a nonstop flight ticket with an airline for $200, you should definitely purchase the $200 ticket. I think everything depends on the kind of trip and the length of your trip.

Instagram Story: @Eve_tinerary

Instagram Story: @Eve_tinerary

Overall, please please please do your research! There are many airlines that are starting to add baggage fees. Don’t make the mistake I made and pay $100 for a carry on bag. Before you think about purchasing a ticket look for the bag fees. Sometimes airfare may be well priced but once you add baggage fees the flight comes out to be more expensive than expected.